Joda Rubber Duck J


Joda rubber duck one of the funniest rubber duck in our duck shop. Joda in the bathroom duck version obviously wields a brush and praises that “The strength of the bathroom be with you” for the occasion. In the fantastic world of ducks Star Wars turns into “Spa Wars”

Original, fun, unique gift for …

  •   friend fan of Star Wars (for him or her there are also Dart Fener Duck, Stormtrooper- Duck, Chewbacca-Duck)

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All our rubber cards are CE (European Community) approved, according to EU legislation. This means that your gum paper does not contain harmful materials or toxic elements. Next to all the CE approval we have a very strict quality control to ensure that the duck is manufactured in a safe environment by happy workers. This is not a teething toy for young children.

This rubber duck can go all over the world

We ship from Italy, so it may take a few days, a second one of how far you are from our Roma Duck Store. If you are in a hurry you can choose express shipping which takes 1-2 days.

Unfortunately, during the unsecured holiday we guarantee the arrival date, but we will do our best to ship your order as soon as possible.

A rubber duck makes everyone smile. It is a perfect gift so if you want, you can choose the duck you like best and send it to an address different from yours and imagine your friend’s face when he opens the package 🙂

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Joda Rubber Duck
Joda Rubber Duck J